Wednesday, July 24, 2002

The Dems are back in "Bork" mode for the judicial hearings of Priscilla Owens.

"At yesterday's hearing, liberal senators pressed Owen on abortion, on advocacy in decisions, and on allowing personal beliefs to sway decisions. 'I am deeply concerned,' Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California told Owen. 'You've looked in other places to find a rationale not to do what Texas law called for.'"

I'm not certain about the context, but I'm assuming mafiosa princess DiFi is referring to the fact that Justice Owen has rarely voted for allowing a female minor to legally bypass notifying her parents before getting an abortion. The thing of it is, Texas law does not require judges to grant female minors a notice bypass under all circumstances (indeed, the law requires that minors be fully informed of abortion alternatives, which Justice Owens found did not always occur). By her line of questioning, you can pretty much count on Senator "I don't want people to own handguns, but I carry one in my handbag" Feinstein not to vote for confirming Justice Owens. (As a side note, a relative of mine once mooned Feinstein when she was mayor of San Francisco).

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