Monday, September 22, 2003

Our Quirky Protestant Friends

I picked up the revised edition of Separated Brethren over the weekend, and I've already run across several interesting things about our Protestant friends. For instance, the American Episcopal Church, aside from their recent and well-publicized harangues over homosexual marriages and the ordaining of homosexual bishops, believe in the existence of a Church Expectant, which we Catholics generally understand to be Purgatory (or the Church Suffering). Even more fascinating, and somewhat bizarre, is the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod's opposition to any church member being associated with the Boy Scouts of America. Apparently, the WELS believe that the Boy Scouts, at best, adhere to a watered-down Christian value system, and have an equivalence to secret societies like the Freemasons (which, of course, the Catholic Church prohibits its members from joining).

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