Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Seems Pontius Pilot-esque

Gov. Bush "washes his hands" with Terri Schiavo; claims separation of powers doctrine prevents his office from doing anything more.

"This is in the court's hands," Bush's press secretary Alia Faraj told WorldNetDaily. "Our government has committed these decisions to the judicial branch, and we must respect that process." (...)

Vowing to fight to the end, Robert Schindler has urged Gov. Bush to intervene by ordering Florida's Department of Children and Families to investigate whether Michael Schiavo mistreated and withheld therapy from Terri. Schiavo denies those charges. (...)

Bush's spokeswoman, Faraj, maintained, however, the governor does not have the authority to order such an intervention, restating that the courts have made their decision.

Bill Spann, a spokesman for the Department of Children and Families, would not answer directly whether the agency has the statutory power to intervene at this point in the process, stating only "the issue has already been decided by the courts of the state of Florida."

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