Monday, January 08, 2007

Florida Wins the Crystal Football

Although the Gators were the clear underdog, their dominating win over Ohio State in the BCS Championship Game was not at all shocking considering that the Buckeyes gave up 39 points to and barely beat Michigan in their last game of the regular season. (Michigan, of course, was trounced in the Rose Bowl last week by USC).

So now that Florida has won the "championship," is it the #1 team in the country? Under the system that the NCAA currently employs for Division I college football, yes. However, let there be no mistake that this system is seriously whacked up, as evidenced by the fact that of all the winners of BCS bowl games this year, including Florida, there is only one team with an undefeated record - Boise State. You can pretty much bet the farm that Boise State, which plays in a so-called "mid-major" conference, will not be ranked #1 in the final BCS and AP polls.

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