Friday, January 26, 2007

Wild and Crazy

So I'm playing around with The Oracle of Bacon generator, and I input Bruce Lee to see how many degrees of separation there are between the late actor/martial arts legend and actor Kevin Bacon. Much to my great surprise, it turns out there is only one actor that links Bruce Lee to Kevin Bacon (at least according to this generator). Even more surprising is who that actor is: Steve Martin.

It seems that Martin had a bit role in Bruce Lee's 1972 movie, Fist of Fury (Jackie Chan had a bit role in this move as well, but was uncredited). He, Martin, played a policeman.

As for Kevin Bacon, he had an uncredited part in Martin's 2001 film, Novocaine.

Pretty interesting factoid about Steve Martin, eh? I wonder if he ever got the chance to know Bruce Lee.

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