Monday, March 12, 2007

A Poor Black Southerner at Holy Cross the Early '70's

An incredibly frank and interesting interview with Justice Clarence Thomas that focuses on his undergraduate college years at Holy Cross. He discloses, for instance, that unlike the other black students that were there at the same time as him, he wasn't recruited by the school and only ended up at Holy Cross because a nun he knew back home in Georgia recommended it to him. He also laments the loss of religiosity at Holy Cross insofar as the college faculty is now comprised mostly of lay professors. (Of course, who can say it wouldn't be any less Catholic if the faculty was still mostly made up of priests from the ever increasingly heretical Jesuits? But I digress.) (link via)

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pete5050 said...

That is one of the most unfortunate aspects of Catholic universities and schools these days, as it is a toss up between which is worse, the Jesuit heretics and their liberation theology, or lay professor/teachers with their Marxism. Considering that both are basically the same thing, it does not leave the parents or students with much of a choice. It is basically the same choice Jim Jones gave to the members of people's temple, either drink the cyanide laced kool-aide or get shot for refusing to do so.
And now there is more open outrage being directed at parents that are homeschooling their kids, which of course is just the Marxist way of trying to be sure everyone is equally illiterate.
One can only hope that God will soon intervene.