Saturday, March 31, 2007

This is Your Brain on Scientology, Part 843983958349

Despite being an unrepentant jet plane owner and pilot, John Travolta is concerned about global warming and thinks everyone needs to do "their bit" to help heal the planet. Travolta's concern about the poor health of the environment is such that he muses whether we ought to start thinking about colonizing other planets and creating domed cities. Oookaay.

A sure sign that Travolta should immediately stop talking about alleged global warming is that environmental groups like are actually distancing themselves from him.

Update: (4/1/07): While comments, even dissenting ones, are always welcomed here, I will delete all name calling posts that are personally directed at me.


Anonymous said...

It's interesting. When any other actor sticks his foot in his mouth, people don't jab at their religion. Like, nobody was attacking Presbiterians or Methodists because of the nutty comments of other Hollywood celebs. However, if an actor who happens to be a Scientologist makes a dumb statement, it's "Scientology this, Scientology that."

Roger H. said...

Well, anonymous, in this case there is justification in mentioning Travolta's religion given his comment about living on other planets and building domed cities, and the overarching connection these things have with Scientology and L.Ron Hubbard in particular (Think "Battlefield Earth).

Roger H. said...

Anonymous, L.Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, wrote Battlefield Earth and there are some pretty clear Scientology themes in it.

And yes, I deleted your post because I can, and I will not have names leveled at me on my own blog, especially by a troll.