Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's All About Context for the PC-Left

Powerline blog reports the hypocrisy of Duke University which, on the one hand, publicly scolded the wrongfully prosecuted members of the lacrosse team for having strippers at a party, but on the other hand, hired strippers and other sex workers to perform in a so-called "art show."
Duke, of course, defends its sex workers show on the theory that these performers are "artists touring university campuses across the country to present a show with political discussion, musical theater, and displays of sexuality." According to Taylor, the political discussion at Duke consisted of one performer claiming that women are driven into the "sex industry" because the "only other option is working a minimum-wage job or less," a claim that was undercut when one performer said she had left a regular job to make more money for "my extravagant partying lifestyle." In fact, it turned out that several performers were college graduates with other career options available to them.

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