Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Why I Voted for Romney

After a string of anti-McCain posts and thinking about Dale's quick hit complaint about people who only say "vote for Romney because he 'aint McCain", I felt a little compelled to write this. As I previously posted before the California primary, Romney is basically my candidate of choice by default. I had wanted to vote for Fred Thompson, but of course, his candidacy never gained any traction and he dropped out shortly after the South Carolina primary. My support for Thompson was based upon the belief that he was the most consistent conservative among the leading pack of candidates. Thompson's record as a Senator, I think, largely supports this belief.

Although he basically expressed the same positions as Thompson on issues like abortion and illegal immigration, it is because Romney doesn't really have the record to back them up that made him my fall back candidate. But since Thompson dropped out of the picture, and none of the other remaining legitimate candidates either expressed or possessed a record which supports the conservative positions held by Romney, I was, and am still willing, to give Romney the benefit of the doubt on his conservative conversion.

Update: I also found Romney's endorsement by National Review to be persuasive.

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