Monday, February 18, 2008

Your Anti-Religionism is Showing

John Derbyshire of National Review has got this running blog post thread attacking Ben Stein for having the temerity to star in and make a documentary movie about the administrative silencing of scientists in academia who dare to challenge the doctrines of Darwinism with Intelligent Design theory. Seems 'ol Derb doesn't buy the fact that ID is not the same as Creationism. As such, ID really isn't science to Derb (does he think Darwinism is?!) thus Ben Stein is either an idiot or a disingenuous propagandist for making Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. I personally am looking forward to seeing this movie, and I thank John Derbyshire for giving me notice about it through his seeming obsessive need to be an obnoxious ass-hat toward ID advocates.

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