Sunday, March 16, 2008

Why No Focus On John McCain's Pastor?

That was the question asked by liberal political pundit Kirsten Powers on Fox News' The Strategy Room today when the topic of Obamamessiah and the well publicized anti-American and racist ravings of his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, came up. I suppose that would be a pretty good question if it wasn't for the fact that McCain, unlike Obamamessiah, hasn't made his pastor a part of his presidential campaign. Nice attempted diversion, though, Kirsten.

Speaking of the Rev. Wright being a part of his campaign, it seems Obamamessiah is now actively trying to erase it from everyone's memory.


John McCain Is Insane said...

Yeah, why not focus on John McCain's pastors, one of whom said New Orleans brought Katrina on itself, and the other advocates holy war against all of Islam.


Roger H. said...

Sorry JMIS, I'm pretty sure neither of the individuals you are referencing are McCain's actual church pastor.


Anonymous said...

They are not, but they are individuals whose endorsement Senator McCain has actively sought out.

- Islam should be eradicated
- The catholic church is the "great whore"
- Islam is a "devil religion", " -Allah was a demon spirit"

Lets not judge the candidates on comments made by their supporters,

this country has been subject to divisive politics, lets stop it now

Roger H. said...

I'd agree with you to a point MGR. As I've pointed out, Jeremiah Wright is not just a supporter of Obamamessiah, but his longtime church pastor and, until recently, an active member of his immediate campaign team. I don't believe John McCain's church pastor, whoever he or she is, has ever served in this capacity for Team McCain.

I am fairly bothered, however, that McCain has actively sought out the political endorsements of guys like John Hagee and Rod Parsley. It is because of this that I personally think McCain should do a little more than just renounce their offending and divisive comments.

djtyg said...

Who is McCain's pastor?

Anonymous said...

You might be interested in this article about McCain's pastor: