Thursday, April 24, 2008

An Eyebrow Raiser

This coming Sunday, 60 Minutes will be airing an interview with Justice Antonin Scalia. (h/t) Among a variety of different matters he addresses, here's what Justice Scalia said about abortion:
“On the abortion thing, for example, if indeed I were…trying to impose my own views, I would not only be opposed to Roe versus Wade, I would be in favor of the opposite view, which the anti-abortion people would like to see adopted, which is to interpret the Constitution to mean that a state must prohibit abortion.” “And you’re against that?” asks Stahl. “Of course. There’s nothing [in the Constitution to support that view].”
I'm frankly a little disturbed by this. It seems Justice Scalia either thinks there is no constitutionally protected right to life, or the issue of whether the unborn are persons is totally subjective.

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