Sunday, June 08, 2008

Silver Lining in G@y "Marriage" Ruling

As a matter of principle, the outright refusal by the California Supreme Court to put a stay on its recent g@y "marriage" ruling until after the November election, when Californians will have voted on the California Marriage Protection Act, is nothing short of an assault on representative government.

As a lawyer who practices in the area of family law, though, g@y "marriage" could potentially be economically lucrative for me. I don't have any hard data to back it up, but I'm inclined to believe that same sex couples, particularly g@y men, have a pretty high break up rate. Plus, I wouldn't have any moral qualms, like I currently do for real marriages, about assisting a homosexual divorce his/her homosexual spouse.

Overall, though, I really do hope my fellow Californians vote to pass the Marriage Protection Act.

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