Friday, December 19, 2008

Recall Jerry Brown!

Somehow, I just knew Moonbeam was going to give the majority of California voters the finger. What an ass!


br said...

Issuing intent to recall Brown NOW for not enforcing the constitution and pressing the gay marriage annulments now will force the Supreme Court to make a decision this week. Thus the gays can not stockpile money until March organizing against a judicial recall. Besides a recall of Brown a democrat is more popular among party loyal republicans than recalling other republicans. Also it drives home the point of recall personally to the judges who may have read about the failure to recall Byrd. These libs read their own newspapers and listen to their own TV/Radio which is for brainwashing the public but only brainwashes themselves as the Prop 8 polls showed no on P8 winning. An immediate intent to recall Brown will bring the justices back to reality besides already have a list signer from the Prop 8 petition drive hence getting a recall election going should only take a month. Remember that Matell Toys (and other toy manufactures) was recalled by Brown and they would love to recall him now. Now we have funding, signers, and political push to recall Brown saving the taxpayer a recall of Arnold and the 4 gay justices in March. A delay in recalling Brown will indicate weakness and the justices will toss Prop 8. Really it all or loss at this point in time.
Here is the website for the constitutional ammendment against gay marriage.
for the intent to recall form.
And the following book further defines the founders principles printed before 1864
Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the U.S.
(Book & CD-ROM)
for the legals.

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