Friday, November 18, 2011

Stand by Our Matt?

So I decided to attend a local Republican Party candidates forum the other night that was sponsored by the Fountain Valley Republican Assembly (I think that's their name). There were three participants in the forum, all of whom are running to be the elected representative for the newly redistricted 72nd District in the California State Assembly.

One of the candidates, Matthew Harper, is an old acquaintance from my Orange County Young Republican days in the late '90s. Matt is politically savvy and articulates his policy positions really well. His only one real drawback is on the issue of abortion, where he would allow legal exceptions for it in cases of rape, incest and endangerment of the mother's life. But other than that, Matt has a good head on his shoulders, is conservative, and somebody definitely worth supporting and voting for if you are able.

In terms of his campaign, I'm holding out hope Matt will borrow from the "karaoke strategy" employed by Tan Nguyen in his otherwise failed run at unseating Loretta Sanchez from Congress in 2006. A different song will probably have to be used (people could easily confuse "Matt" for "mat") but I don't see any reason why the singer can't wear the same outfit.   

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