Monday, September 02, 2013

Liberalism is Fascism

The gay leftist Brown Shirts are at it again, this time targeting a bakery in Oregon whose owners have the temerity of exercising their First Amendment right to religious liberty.  More specifically, the bakery owners believe marriage is a religious union between one man and one woman, and will not violate this belief by making cakes for sexual deviants who want to throw a "gay marriage" party.

From threats to vicious phone calls and e-mails, the Klein family has been inundated with angry responses. Now, Aaron and Melissa have announced that they are shutting down their shop.

In a brief phone interview earlier this month, Melissa told TheBlaze that the couple has continued to face upheaval following their faith-based decision. Just days after we spoke, she and her husband announced that this past weekend was the family’s last at its current location.

The business will be transitioning, with the Kleins operating, instead, from their home.

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