Wednesday, June 19, 2002

I posed the following question on defining sexual deviancy to homosexual defenders on June 13. Here's one response I got (italicized) with my reply (bold):

I would define sexually devient conduct as predatory behavior, that stimulates you at the expense of another's mental, emotional, or spiritual loss of preceived well being.

This definition is problematic for a couple of reasons. In addition to automatically excluding blatant deviants who engage in acts like bestiality, also excluded are pedophiles who argue and believe that children can give informed and reasoned consent to sexual intercourse with adults. The basis for this argument and belief stems from the junk science research that "Heir Doktor" Alfred Kinsey put out fifty years ago. It is this same study that homosexuals use to argue that their "death-style" is perfectly natural and normal.

For a thorough eye-opening refutation of Kinsey, visit the site put up by Dr. Judith Reisman.

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