Friday, October 10, 2003

Rush's Addiction

Liberals are anything by unpredictable. Consider, for example, the following feeble attempt at "gotcha logic" in this article I found via Lex Communis (link on the right side of this page). As you'll see, the focus of the article/commentary is on Rush Limbaugh's admitted addiction to prescription pain killers, and the fact that he might have obtained some of it through unlawful means. The commentator, whose name is unimportant, provides several past quotes from Rush regarding users of illegal drugs, and how he believes such persons should be prosecuted and jailed. In a rhetorically whimsical manner, the commentator wonders if Rush would apply the same standard to himself. Obviously, like so many other knee-jerk Liberals, this typical political hack has taken the tone of trying to paint Rush as some sort of moral hypocrite who ought never to be taken seriously again by anyone. Nevermind the fact that the drugs Rush became addicted to and might have obtained illegally are in and of themselves not illegal, or that he has never said that he should be exempt from any illegal act he might have committed. This hack has also conveniently overlooked the fact that Rush has never once encouraged anyone to view him as some kind of role model (he affirmed that today). At most, Rush has merely used himself as a living example that even after multiple failures (which he has always owned up to and taken responsibility for) a person can still succeed through sheer perseverence and a commitment to hard work. Rush has not deviated from this message in his latest life challenge, and it is a shame that people who disagree with him are frothing at the mouth and using this occasion to try and discredit him. Liberals just don't seem to understand that you aren't claiming to be a perfect person by consistently standing up for what is right or moral.

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