Sunday, October 05, 2003

Typical PC Blather

Before going to Mass this morning, I caught the pre-game show on Fox, and as expected, everyone was slamming Rush Limbaugh for his assertions about Donovan McNabb and the media's general coddling of black NFL quarterbacks. Former Los Angeles Raider, current Radio Shack ad-man, and part-time B-movie thespian Howie Long called Rush's remarks "at best ignorant, and at worst racist." He didn't bother to elaborate on either point.

Even more perplexing and nonsensical statements were made by Ha-vahd grad James "JB" Brown, who said that given the one time dearth of black QBs in the NFL because of preconceived and unfounded notions about their intelligence, something which Brown concedes the sports media used to focus a lot on and question, maybe a little media coddling is a good thing. At the same time, Brown expressed rhetorical confusion as to why Limbaugh would want to aggrevate "old wounds" that have seemingly been healed. Talk about wanting to have it both ways.

As to Rush's assertion that Donovan McNabb is overrated, consider McNabb's career pass completion percentage and quarterback rating to that of Seattle backup QB Trent Dilfer, who as I previously noted, is white, has actually won a Super Bowl ring, but is nowhere near as famous as McNabb.

Career Pass Completion %

McNabb: 56.4
Dilfer: 55.6

Career Quarterback Rating

McNabb: 77.5
Dilfer: 71.3

Source: CNN/SI

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