Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It Seems "Rough" Interrogation Works

Bill O'Reilly had ABC investigative reporter Brian Ross on tonight, and according to Ross, the controversial interrogation methods (e.g., waterboarding) that the CIA has been widely rumored to be using on captured terrorists like Khalid Shaikh Mohammed has produced information that led to the breakup of at least 14 planned terrorist attacks against the United States. 14! One of the apparent targets of these planned attacks was the historic Library Tower in downtown Los Angeles.

When some so-called anti-torture human rights advocate, whose name escapes me, was confronted with this information on O'Reilly, the best response that she could give was: How do we know that we couldn't have gotten the information in a less drastic manner? Exactly what that less drastic manner is, she (predictably) didn't say, nor would she answer the question of whether she would allow a captured terrorist to be roughed up for information if doing so would save the life of a loved one. No better friend of the terrorists is this woman.

Correction: It wasn't 14 planned terrorist attacks that were thrwarted, but 14 cases where reportedly rough interrogation tactics were used, and which resulted in information that led to the breakup of several planned attacks, including one against the Library Tower.

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