Monday, September 18, 2006

Stick to Your Day Job Mark

Exhibit number 23923283 that when it comes to foreign policy and the law, uber-Catholic apologist Mark Shea doesn't know sh!t. His suggestion that the Bush Administration's desire to narrow (i.e., clarify) the meaning of the word "torture" in Article 3 of the Geneva Convention necessarily amounts to a desire to codify or sanctify Abu Ghraib is just over the top idiotic. Though I am not hopeful it will ever happen, I'd like to know how Shea doesn't think having his blog or one of his books seen by an inmate down at Club Gitmo couldn't fall under Article 3. After that, I'd like to know what alternative solution Shea has for interrogating terrorists who want to KILL not only him, but his wife, kids, and pets.

Of course, actually proposing anything would require Shea to obtain and possess some knowledge of information beyond what is reported in the very same MSM he regularly lambastes for knowing sh!t about Christianity. Why bother doing this, when ignorantly bitching and moaning is so much easier.

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