Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Say It 'Aint So!

You might have read or heard about it already, but it seems the Washington Times has caved in to the PC forces, insofar as certain words and terms like "illegal immigrants" will now be used in the paper instead of "illegal aliens", while "gay marriage" will no longer be written with quotation marks around it.

Although the Washington Times has long been known to be politically conservative as far as its editorial page is concerned, perhaps the paper's hat tip to political correctness shouldn't be all that surprising. I can't remember where, but I think I once heard from some talking head on television that the news reporting in the Washington Times is, for the most part, not much different than the reporting in most other daily newspapers. That is to say, the news bureau of the Washington Times is tilted to the left of the political spectrum. Whether this is really true, I dunno. I'm just sayin'.

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