Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Shrill Lawyer's Conception of Enlightenment

In 2006, a G@y Area post-operative male transexual tried to get a boob job from Seton Medical Center, a Catholic hospital in Daly City, California. Seton initially denied the request, citing religious objections to such elective cosmetic procedures. The tranny then filed a lawsuit, and Seton obviously not wanting to incur a bunch of litigation costs, and possibly getting some bad legal advice, basically backed down. The following are comments from the tranny's attorney in response to the decision by Seton to kowtow to his client's demand:
“I’m glad that they’ve recognized that they’ve made a mistake,” said Hastings in an interview with CBS 5 News. But her attorney, Chris Dolan, was more belligerent. Referring to the hospital’s statement, he told CBS 5, “I don’t know where the confusion is, other than perhaps they were confused that that was illegal.” Despite the hospital’s reversal, Dolan said the lawsuit for monetary damages would go forward. “Like any good religious experience, first you need enlightenment and then you need atonement,” said Dolan. “And what we have here perhaps is a glimpse of enlightenment. Has it changed their heart? I don’t think so. Will it change their practice? It better.”

Chris Dolan, a graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center is a shrill ass-hat. If I were representing Seton, I'd advise it to assert its First Amendment religious liberty rights and remove this lawsuit out of State court, which is pretty left-liberal in the G@y Area, and into Federal court (not as left-liberal).

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