Saturday, October 04, 2003

Abortion is Not a Central Issue for McClintock

Yes, he is pro-life, although I've never seen or heard whether he would allow the "choice" for an abortion under certain circumstances (e.g., victim of rape, incest, etc.) Perhaps the lack of information on this is indicative of the fact that abortion, as a political issue, has never been a big thing for McClintock. Indeed, as anyone who is familiar with his political career will tell you, McClintock has built up a reputation of being a "money man," i.e., someone who focuses on and has an intimate knowledge of the intricacies of the state's budget and economy.

As far as the recall election is concerned, McClintock has all but conceded that should he win (which he won't), social issues like abortion will be taking a back seat to righting California's fiscal crisis. Thus, although McClintock's pro-life stance is much appreciated, it is mostly lip service. Given this, and the fact that Schwartzenegger's economic policies aren't that much different that McClintock's, it would seem logical for Republicans to collectively unite behind the one candidate in this recall election who can and will win. Wait until the next gubanatorial primary to support a true pro-life conservative.

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