Thursday, October 02, 2003

Rush Re: McNabb

Many of you have undoubtedly read or heard all the furor regarding Rush Limbaugh's comments about Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. Why there is a furor is obvious: the media is beholden to left-wing political correctness. Look, Rush didn't say McNabb was a mediocre quarterback -- which he statistically is -- because he is black. All he said is that McNabb was being hyped up by the media as a better player than he really is because the media wants to see black quarterbacks do well, and is willing to overlook any flaws that actually exist. I think this is an empiracally provable charge. Donovan McNabb has won no championships, his team won several games last year with two backup quarterbacks, and he has one of the lowest quarterback ratings in the NFL this season. Despite these things, Donovan McNabb is often the subject of special puff pieces done by NFL pre-game shows, and can regularly be seen in national television commercials for Chunky Soup and Lincoln Financial. Former Baltimore Ravens QB Trent Dilfer, who actually won a Super Bowl and whose statistical numbers might be comparable to McNabb, was never close to getting this much media focus. Could have been because he is white? Something to ponder.

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