Friday, October 03, 2003

McClintock Isn't Going to Win

Reality stinks sometimes, but it's the truth die-hard Tom supporters. Face it. So rather than throwing your vote away on him, why not direct it to one of two candidates who are not only pro-life, but apparenly devout Catholics. The first is Alex-St. James, a Republican political consultant who at one point aspired to be a priest. Hopefully, Alex is still a member of the Church, and his decision not to become a priest wasn't triggered by some lingering uninformed doubt over the truth of Catholicism.

The second candidate worth considering over McClintock is Democrat Danny Ramirez. I've mentioned Ramirez in a previous blog, and as I wrote then, I can't for the life of me figure out why this guy is in the party of all that is bad and wrong in the world. Maybe he thinks he can affect change, for which I say "God speed."

Update: The above applies only to those Catholic conservative voters who intransigently see this recall election as a primary or anything but a referendum on the fiscal mismanagement of "Gay" Davis. Yes, I will be throwing my vote away as well if I see Arnold with a big enough lead in the polls to win. Of course, we'll all be throwing our votes away if the recall fails or "MEChA"mante wins.

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