Friday, November 07, 2008

70 and 53

Those are the respective percentages of black and Hispanic voters who voted in favor of Proposition 8, a state constitutional amendment ballot initiative which defines marriage in the State of California as being between one man and one woman. Remember these figures whenever you see or read about opponents of Proposition 8 engaging in idiotic and bigoted protests against certain religious groups, like the Mormons.

Update: Well, it actually seems anti-Prop. 8 people, at least the white folk among them, are willing to don pointy headed hoods. Rather than being white, though, I'm guessing the hoods would be rainbow colored. (h/t Mark Steyn)
The verbal harassment follows a steady stream of racist comments left on this blog and many others across the gay virtual community. At least a dozen racist comments have been removed from this blog since Tuesday, such as, "Thank you Black people for denying gay people the same rights that you deserve and have", "Black people make me feel like a piece of shyt when it should have been a night of celebration for all," and the succinct, "F--K you niggers."

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