Friday, April 15, 2011

Kobe Bryant and Political Correctness

The NBA recently fined superstar basketball player Kobe Bryant $100,000 for calling a referee "faggot" during a nationally televised game. Kobe uttered the vulgarity basically out of frustration with the referee's perceived incompetence.

There is certainly no defending Kobe's potty mouth and lack of civility toward the referee. However, the swiftness and excessiveness of the fine imposed by the NBA over a vulgar word illustrates just how successful the Lavender Mafia and their enablers in the leftist media have been at normalizing an objectively disordered sexual orientation, as well as same-sex intercourse, in our popular culture. All this week, I've been hearing sports talk radio hosts like Dan Patrick praising not only the NBA for quickly reprimanding Kobe for his so-called "anti-gay" remark, but Kobe himself for basically kowtowing to the Lavender Mafia and the lie it perpetuates that homosexuality is the equivalent of race and ethnicity. Every time I hear this stuff, I want to call the radio shows and inform the hosts that since they are characterizing Kobe's remark as anti-gay, it must then mean that not only do they think homosexuality is not disordered (i.e., biologically unnatural) but also that they must not have any moral objection to same-sex intercourse (i.e., it's something they would do themselves).

Seeing as that these talk radio show hosts are likely informed about most non-sports issues from the leftist media (Dan Patrick is a longtime friend and former reporting partner of the execrable Keith Olbermann) and aren't very much accustomed to critical thinking, I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised that they would mindlessly parrot the false assumptions about homosexuality the Lavender Mafia propounds in our culture. It is exceedingly annoying, though, as is the slavish adherence to political correctness by both the NBA and Kobe Bryant.

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Cheryl Jones said...

Maybe you should call them with your comments and get them to thinking about it.